Modern day life experiences are changing. We live in a conscious energetic universe.  In fact scientific studies have identified that everything has energy.

During a session, I will use intuition to determine the root source that is causing problems for you. This root source is energetically weakening you. This source must be energetically strengthened.  It is through energetic strengthening that different weaknesses can be strengthened, leading to the eradication of issues. Improvement can occur immediately.

Our session will begin with asking a few questions regarding the issues you are experiencing and how you perceive them to be affecting you.  While asking these questions, I will determine your leading weaknesses and strengthen each of them. Most people experience instant shifts with these energetic corrections or some type of sensation or awareness of their own.

Our pain and stress can be deleted on-the-spot when our unknown weaknesses are collectively strengthened using the Yuen Method!

During the session I may also ask questions to determine your readiness for the changes you desire.  Access Consciousness is based on the philosophy that if we are determined to achieve greatness in our life regardless of the issue that the universal energy is available to us …we just have to ask to receive!